Sliding Scale Therapists

(Senior Student and Graduate Therapists)

  • TIRP senior student / graduate therapists are bound by explicit, established principles of ethical professional practice
  • TIRP senior student / graduate therapists participate in voluntary supervision as part of ongoing responsible professional practice
  • Your therapist will protect your name and all identifying information, respecting your right to confidentiality
  • Your senior student / graduate therapist will offer an initial $40 session, followed by a negotiated sliding scale fee between $40 and $80      

The following TIRP senior students and graduates offer therapy for a fee of between $40 and $80 per session. 

You may contact these therapists directly with a brief phone or email message. They reserve a certain number of spaces in their schedules for individuals who can't afford full-fee therapy. Please indicate that you found the therapist's name of this site and that you are looking for low-cost individual therapy with a TIRP senior student/graduate for a sliding scale fee. If you phone and leave a message, please speak your name and contact information twice, clearly. The therapist will return your call or email, respecting your privacy in any way you request.

Please note:

Therapists are unlikely to respond to emails addressed to more than one person at a time, whether direct or using bcc.

Senior Student Therapists

Louis Wei-Chun Barbier

Yonge / St. Clair, Toronto (steps from St. Clair subway station)

Available Mondays 10am-7pm, Thursdays 2pm-8pm, Fridays 3pm-8pm

email: [email protected] ; web:

Ezra Braves

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

Available daytime Tuesday / Thursday.

email: [email protected] ; web:

Frances Cumberland

1409 Yonge St. (steps from St. Clair subway station), Toronto

401 Richmond St. W./ Spadina, Toronto

Available Friday and Monday, 9 am - 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 3 pm

email: [email protected]


Enrique Garcia

Office 2: Summerhill, Toronto

Available Monday - Saturday

email: [email protected]; web: 

Jenny Gauntlett

Woodbine / Danforth, Toronto   Available Wednesday 9am - 3pm

Bloor / Sherbourne, Toronto    Available Monday 9am - 3pm

email: [email protected]; web:

Jill Gilbert

Bloor / Ossington, Toronto

email: [email protected]; web:


Lynette Gillis

Queen / Brock, Toronto

Available Wednesday mornings, Fridays 10am - 4pm

email: [email protected]; web:


Vanessa Giordano

Richmond St. W. / Spadina, Toronto

Available Monday and Saturday

phone: 416-562-6329; email: [email protected]; web:

Jan Houston

Parkdale / Roncessvalles area, Toronto

Available: Tuesday 9-3, Wednesday 9-9, Saturday 9-6

email: [email protected]

Megan Janzen

College / Dovercourt, Toronto

Available Mondays

email: [email protected]; web:


Nadia MacDonald

Danforth / Woodbine, Toronto: Available 8am-4pm Tuesdays

Leslie St./ Eastern Ave: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am - 4pm, Wednesdays 12pm - 7pm 

email: [email protected]; web:   

Peter Madore

124 Ontario Street, Collingwood

phone: 705-994-3008; email: [email protected]; web:

Available for phone and video session.

Beau Molnar

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

Available Monday, Thursday, Friday

email: [email protected]; web: beau-molnar or directory/Beau_Molnar

Katie Pula

Danforth / Broadview, Toronto

Available Wednesday and Friday

phone: 416-886-0743; email: [email protected]

JP Robichaud


Available Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Email: [email protected]



Nomi Rotbard

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday

email: [email protected]

Barbara Saunders

Queen St. East at Woodbine, Toronto

Available Monday - Thursday

email: [email protected]

Rachel Tredon

Bloor/Spadina, Toronto on weekdays

Spadina/Richmond, Toronto on Saturdays only

email: [email protected]; web:


Graduate Therapists

Marion Abel, RP

Chester / Danforth, Toronto

available early mornings and daytimes, Monday to Friday, early evenings Thursday

phone: 416-801-4141; email: [email protected]; web:

Cindy Allison, RP

Bloor / Avenue Road, Toronto

available Monday - Saturday, daytimes and evenings

phone: 416-805-2078; email: [email protected];

Louise Arbuckle

Danforth & Greenwood, Toronto

available daytime and evenings

phone: 416-254-3877; email: [email protected]

Jean Blacklock

College & Bathurst, Toronto

Flexible availability during weekday afternoons

email: [email protected]; web:


Clarinda Brandão, RP

Bloor & Runnymede, Toronto

available Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 3pm

phone: 416-230-7606; email: [email protected]; web:

Zoë Ferguson, RP

Bathurst / Bloor, Toronto

available Monday through Friday, 11am - 7pm

phone: 647-209-7290; email: [email protected];



Jennifer Hilditch, RP

Spadina/Dupont (Dupont subway), Toronto

Lakeshore Blvd. / Islington Ave., Etobicoke

available weekdays and evenings

phone: 416-797-2888; email: [email protected]

Neil Jones

1409 Yonge St. (steps from St. Clair subway station)

Sunday to Thursday (includes some evenings and early mornings)

Website with info and full schedule:

email: [email protected] Please mention you found me here in your email. 

Karen Koch

Broadview / Danforth (Chester subway), Toronto

Available Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays

phone: 416-526-5612; email: [email protected]

Morgan Llewellyn, RP

Chester / Danforth, Toronto

Available Tuesday day & evening, Thursday 3pm - evening

phone: 647-787-5842; email: [email protected]; web:

Gem Mason

Burlington and Oakville

Available days, evenings and Sunday

phone: 289-681-4811; email: [email protected]; web:

Laura Mann, RP

Yonge / St. Clair, Toronto

available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons / evening

phone: 416-907-0660; email: [email protected]


Sheilagh McGlynn, RP

Broadview / Danforth, Toronto

available Sundays (in person) and Mondays (on-line)

phone: 647-726-5144 email: [email protected]

Beatriz Mendez, RP

Central/East (on Bloor-Danforth subway, 15 minutes from Yonge), Toronto and Scarborough

available weekday evenings, daytime on Saturday

phone: 416-690-2417; email: [email protected]; web:

Radmila Mrzic

Danforth/Pape and Danforth/Chester, Toronto

available weekday evenings, Saturday morning and afternoon

phone: 416 875 5103; email: [email protected]; web:

Kato Perdue, RP

Roncesvalles / High Park, Toronto. Available Monday & Tuesday, 10am - 2pm; Sunday 2-8pm

Sherbourne / Bloor, Toronto. Available Thursday 9-2:30 and Friday 9:30am-8:00pm 

phone: 647-219-0538; email: [email protected] 

Mihaela Poca, RP(Qualifying)

240 Roncesvalles, top floor (10min walk from Dundas West stn or 5min by streetcar)

Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

phone: 416-464-9667; email: [email protected]; website:

Michael Pollex, RP

Bloor / Avenue Rd., Toronto

available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

email: [email protected]; web:

Tove Rees 

Available Tuesday - Friday

401 Richmond St., Suite #411 (Richmond & Spadina), Toronto

phone: 647-400-2497; email: [email protected]; web:


Theresa Rickett

Pape / Danforth, Toronto

available weekday afternoons & evenings, also alternate weekends

phone: 416-233-9548; email: [email protected]

Maureen Roe, RP

Yonge and Lawrence, Toronto (3 blocks north of Lawrence subway)

phone: 416-918-9424; Available Tuesday and Wednesday, days only

Barry's Bay: Natural Healing Centre, 43 Dunn St., Barry's Bay

phone: 613-401-6167; Available: Friday, biweekly, days only 

email: [email protected], web: 

Lee Shields, RP

Carlton / Sherbourne,  Toronto

Available weekdays and weekday evenings

phone: 647-668-6094; email: [email protected]

Mina Singh, RP

Dufferin and 401 (15 minutes walk from Ranee exit of Yorkdale subway stop), Toronto

available days and evenings, Monday to Friday, and daytime Saturday

phone: 416-220-4509; email: [email protected]; web:

Wendy Strickland, RP 

Sherbourne / Bloor St. East, Toronto

available Monday - Wednesday, and Saturday

phone: 416-605-4784 ; email: [email protected]; website:

Jenifer Sutherland, RP

Dupont / Spadina, Toronto

available Wednesdays - Saturdays

phone: 416-948-4057; email: [email protected]; web:

Dora Zaharia, RP

Bloor St. W / Dundas St. W, Toronto

available Monday - Friday

phone: 647-712-8881; email: [email protected];  web:

Kurt Zubatiuk, RP

Sherbourne / Bloor St. East, Toronto

Available daytimes, Thursday, Friday and every second Monday. 

phone: 416-928-309 ext 1; email: [email protected]; website: