Sliding Scale Therapists

(Senior Student and Graduate Therapists)

  • TIRP senior student / graduate therapists are bound by explicit, established principles of ethical professional practice
  • TIRP senior student / graduate therapists participate in voluntary supervision as part of ongoing responsible professional practice
  • Your therapist will protect your name and all identifying information, respecting your right to confidentiality
  • Your senior student / graduate therapist will offer an initial $50 session, followed by a negotiated sliding scale fee between $50 and $80      
  • Please note that Students and Senior Students are limited to working with clients residing in Ontario, whereas Graduates are eligible to work with clients residing elsewhere in Canada.

The following TIRP senior students and graduates offer therapy for a fee of between $50 and $80 per session. 

You may contact these therapists directly with a brief phone or email message. They reserve a certain number of spaces in their schedules for individuals who can't afford full-fee therapy. Please indicate that you found the therapist's name of this site and that you are looking for low-cost individual therapy with a TIRP senior student/graduate for a sliding scale fee. If you phone and leave a message, please speak your name and contact information twice, clearly. The therapist will return your call or email, respecting your privacy in any way you request.

Please note:

Therapists are unlikely to respond to emails addressed to more than one person at a time, whether direct or using bcc.

COVID-19 Update

Many of our therapists are offering phone and online sessions during this public health crisis. Please connect with them directly for details.

Senior Student Therapists

Jody Chan

Dupont / Bathurst, Toronto

Available Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

email: [email protected]; phone: 416-305-2580


Erkan Ercel, RP (Qualifying)

Dundas W. / Ossington Ave, Toronto

Currently online only

Available weekdays

email: [email protected]


Joanne Hickman

Offering Therapy Online or by Phone

Available Monday - Thursday

email: [email protected]; web:

Dillon Katrycz

Toronto based but currently offering therapy online only

Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, daytime and evenings

email: [email protected]; web:


Beau Molnar

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

Available Monday, Thursday, Friday

email: [email protected]; web: beau-molnar or directory/Beau_Molnar


Phill Rego (they/he)

Toronto, Ontario (currently practicing online only)

Available Monday, Thursday and Friday (day and evening)

email: [email protected]; web:

JP Robichaud, RP(Qualifying)

Remote, video sessions only

Email: [email protected] Website:


Matteo Scardellato

Hamilton, Ontario (currently practicing online only)

Available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

email: [email protected]

Koa Azaria Thornhill

(currently practicing online only)

Available evenings and Saturdays 11am - 2pm

email: [email protected]​ Website:


Graduate Therapists

Marion Abel, RP

Chester / Danforth, Toronto

available early mornings and daytimes, Tuesday to Friday

phone: 416-801-4141; email: [email protected]; web:


Cindy Allison, RP

Bloor / Avenue Road, Toronto

available Monday - Saturday, daytimes and evenings

phone: 416-805-2078; email: [email protected];

Louise Arbuckle, RP

Danforth & Greenwood, Toronto

available daytime and evenings

phone: 416-254-3877; email: [email protected]

Jean Blacklock, RP

Online video sessions, Monday through Saturday, flexible times.


Email: [email protected] 

Clarinda Brandão, RP

Bloor & Runnymede, Toronto

available Monday to Friday, 10 am - 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am - 3pm

phone: 416-230-7606; email: [email protected]; web:

Ezra Braves, RP

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

Available daytime Tuesday / Thursday.

email: [email protected] ; web:

Phone sessions


Frances Cumberland RP. Qualifying

Yonge / St. Clair, Toronto (steps from the St. Clair subway)

Available weekdays and Sunday

email: [email protected]



Zoë Ferguson, RP

Bathurst / Bloor, Toronto

available Monday through Friday, 11am - 7pm

phone: 647-209-7290; email: [email protected];



Sarah Flanagan, RP(Qualifying) 

Roncesvalles area, Toronto

Available Tuesday - Thursday, daytime and evening, Sundays 10am - 2pm.

Currently offering sessions by phone or video.

email: [email protected]; web:


Enrique Garcia, RP(Qualifying)

Summerhill, Toronto

Available Monday - Saturday

email: [email protected]; web:


Jenny Gauntlett RP(Qualifying)

Coxwell / Gerrard, Toronto Available weekday, daytime

email: [email protected]; web:

Online only for the time being due to the current situation with Covid-19


Jill Gilbert, RP

Bloor / Ossington, Toronto

email: [email protected]; web:


Jennifer Hilditch, RP

Spadina/Dupont (Dupont subway), Toronto

Lakeshore Blvd. / Islington Ave., Etobicoke

available weekdays and evenings

phone: 416-797-2888; email: [email protected]

Jan Houston, RP


Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 

Providing ONLINE and PHONE therapy sessions due to covid. 

email: [email protected]

Megan Janzen RP (Qualifying)

Offering therapy online or by phone

Available Monday - Thursday​

email: [email protected]; web:


Lee-Ann Leslie-Augustine, RP

Currently offering online therapy only

email: [email protected]; phone: 416-523-2348; web:

Morgan Llewellyn, RP

Chester / Danforth, Toronto

Available Monday - Thursday

phone: 647-787-5842; email: [email protected]; web:


Karolina Lutkiewicz, RP

Available Monday - Friday

email: [email protected]; web:

Currently providing online therapy only

Peter Madore, RP

124 Ontario Street, Collingwood

phone: 705-994-3008; email: [email protected]; web:

Available for phone and video session.


Gem Mason, RP

Burlington and Oakville

Available days, evenings and Sunday

phone: 289-681-4811; email: [email protected]; web:

Sheilagh McGlynn, RP

Broadview / Danforth, Toronto

available Sundays (in person) and Mondays (on-line)

phone: 647-726-5144 email: [email protected]; web:

Beatriz Mendez, RP

Kingston Rd./ Victoria Park (2 blocks south of Victoria Park Station) Toronto / Scarborough

available weekday afternoons /evenings, daytime on Saturday

phone: 416-690-2417; email: [email protected]; web:

Radmila Mrzic, RP

Danforth/Pape and Danforth/Chester, Toronto

available weekday evenings, Saturday morning and afternoon

phone: 416 875 5103; email: [email protected]; web:

Kato Perdue, RP

Roncesvalles / High Park, Toronto. Available Monday & Tuesday, 10am - 2pm; Sunday 2-8pm

Sherbourne / Bloor, Toronto. Available Thursday 9-2:30 and Friday 9:30am-8:00pm 

phone: 647-219-0538; email: [email protected] 

Only seeing people online and by phone.


Katie Pula, RP

Virtual only / Accross Ontario

Available Tuesday - Friday  11:00am - 6:30pm 

phone: 416 886 0743; email: [email protected]


Tove Rees , RP(Qualifying)

Available Tuesday - Friday

401 Richmond St., Suite #411 (Richmond & Spadina), Toronto

phone: 647-400-2497; email: [email protected]; web:


Nomi Rotbard, RP

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

email: [email protected]

video/audio sessions available


Maureen Roe, RP

Yonge and Lawrence, Toronto (3 blocks north of Lawrence subway)

phone: 416-918-9424; Available Tuesday and Wednesday, days only

Barry's Bay: Natural Healing Centre, 43 Dunn St., Barry's Bay

phone: 613-401-6167; Available: Friday, biweekly, days only 

email: [email protected], web: 

Barbara Saunders, RP 

Queen St. East at Woodbine, Toronto

Available  Tuesday - Thursday

email: [email protected]

Accepting clients - video or phone sessions only


Mina Singh, RP

Dufferin and 401 (15 minutes walk from Ranee exit of Yorkdale subway stop), Toronto

available days and evenings, Monday to Friday, and daytime Saturday

phone: 416-220-4509; email: [email protected]; web:

Wendy Strickland, RP 

Sherbourne / Bloor St. East, Toronto

available Monday - Wednesday, and Saturday

phone: 416-605-4784 ; email: [email protected]; website:

Jenifer Sutherland, RP

Bloor / Spadina, Toronto

available Wednesdays - Saturdays

phone: 416-948-4057; email: [email protected]; web:

Rachel Tredon, RP(Qualifying)

Online sessions only

email: [email protected]


Dora Zaharia, RP

Bloor St. W / Dundas St. W, Toronto

available Monday - Friday

phone: 647-712-8881; email: [email protected];  web:

Kurt Zubatiuk, RP

Sherbourne / Bloor St. East, Toronto

Available daytimes, Thursday, Friday and every second Monday. 

phone: 416-928-309 ext 1; email: [email protected]; website: